Zadkiel, the Archangel of Jupiter, is one you may not have heard of before. Unlike Michael or Gabriel, his images don’t often adorn the walls of art museums or stained glass windows. But among all the Planetary Angels, his name gives the most suggestive evidence that there’s a long tradition linking angels and planets.

In Hebrew, the name for the planet Jupiter is “Zedek,” which translates as “righteousness.” Righteousness conveys the sense that one has been “justified by God” — something that has integrity, is true, or in alignment with the cosmic pattern. One who is righteous can see clearly, and is therefore able to act with justice and mercy, as well as to reveal the truth or prophesy. These happen to be some of the oldest associations with the astrological Jupiter.

Angel names often end with the suffix –el, which simply means “of God.” There’s a tradition of appending –el to other terms to signify the angel associated with the word. Consequently, in Hebrew the angel of righteousness, or the angel of Jupiter, would be called “Zedek-iel”

Archangel of Jupiter

Meeting of Abraham and Melchizedek, Dirk Bouts, 1465. “Melchizedek” translates as “my king is righteousness” or “my king is (the planet) Jupiter.”

Zedekiel, or Zadkiel, or one of its various spellings, is found mentioned in some of the earliest references to angels.  The earliest Christian compilation of the seven archangels, written in the 5th Century by Pseudo-Dionysius in his Celestial Hierarchy, incudes Zadkiel among their number, as does Pope Gregory’s list from the 6th century (spelled either Sachiel or Zachariel.) In his 12th-century writings, the great Spanish-Arabic scholar and scientist Averroës (Ibn Rushd) named Zadkiel/Sachiel the archangel of Jupiter, a tradition that was copied by authors in later Medieval and Renaissance magic and angelology.

As an angel of mercy, some Talmudic texts claim that Zadkiel is the unnamed angel who stays Abraham’s hand, preventing him from sacrificing his son Issaac. (Because of this Zadkiel is sometimes shown holding a dagger.)

Archangel of Jupiter

Modern depiction of Archangel Sachiel. Artist Unknown.

Given his association with Jupiter, it’s not uncommon for New Age authors to associate Sachiel with rituals of abundance and prosperity. The modern astrological sense of Jupiter is a bit like the planetary Santa Claus, the jolly generous giver of gifts.  That’s not too far off, if you remember that Santa “knows when you are naughty or nice,” and gave gifts accordingly.

The Archangel Zadkiel brings abundance and prosperity when we are acting with justice, fairness, and generosity ourselves. He teaches that when we are in right relationship with the cosmic order, our needs will be met. Or, if we have a need or a lack, as the Archangel of mercy, Zadkiel will aid in our efforts to obtain what we seek when we ask for his assistance.  Zadkiel also brings us luck, when we are doing our best, and forgiveness, when we’ve fallen short of the mark, in order to start again.

As the Archangel of Jupiter, an auspicious time to make request to aid from Zadkiel is Thursday, Jupiter’s day.

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