Date:June 20, 2015

Drawing Down the Divine: Astral Magic in the Ancient World

 October 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, 2015

Ancient Western esoteric tradition used the planets and stars as an allegory and pathway for personal and spiritual development. Called “Theurgy” or God-work, their esoteric religious practice, magic, and ritual has psychological and philosophical dimensions that continue to be relevant to astrology as we practice it now.

In this workshop, you will explore the mystery and magical traditions of the late ancient culture that helped give rise to astrology.  At the start of the course, you’ll “adopt a goddess” (or a god) to help you explore the god-work tradition from the inside. Along the way we’ll uncover the wisdom of the mystery schools of Eleusis, Dionysus and Mithras; the secrets of the Hermeticists; the immortal longings of the Neoplatonists, and how to experience the divine according to the Chaldean Oracles. The experiential exercises and the insights gained will not only deepen your astrology practice, but bring you into deeper communion with your own divine spark.

Over these five weeks we’ll cover:

Session 1: The Secrets of the Ancient Mystery Traditions
Session 2: The Hermetic Tradition: Cosmos and Gods
Session 3: Magic in the Hellenistic World (the Old Magic)
Session 4: Astral Theurgy – “God-Work” and You
Session 5: Magic, Magic Everywhere (what happened when you invited the deity to dinner)

Aside from adopting a god/dess, there is no required homework for this workshop. Sessions will list reading for more information, as well as practices you can try out for yourself.

(Knowledge of how to read an astrological chart is useful, but not required, for this workshop.)

With Joseph Crane & Donna Woodwell

Five Saturdays:  October 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, 2015, noon-2 pm ET/ 9-11 am PT

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