open handLunar Mansion 7

The Open Hand

Ancient Name: Al Dhira (The Forearm)
17°08’34″ Gemini to 0° Cancer

For generosity and abundance

Do: Pursue romance and friendships. Seek a raise or a job. Ask for, or give, assistance.

Don’t: File a lawsuit. Act out of envy or spite.

(Sun in Lunar Mansion 7 from June 7 –June 20)

Lunar Mansions in History

From al Biruni, 11th Century: Al dhira, the extended foreleg of the Arab lion, for the contracted one is formed by Procyon and its mirzam (a mirzam is a small star, coupled to another bright one). Al Dhira is formed by two bright stars from the heads of Gemini, distant from each other as much as the distance between Al-Sharatain

From Abenragel, 11th Century:
Indian Astrology- Good for ploughing and sowing, for putting on new clothes, for women’s jewelry, for cavalry. Bad for journeys, except in last third of night.
Dorotheus – Good for partnerships, which will be good and useful, with loyal and agreeable associates, for washing head, cutting hair and new clothes, for buying slaves and livestock, for smiting or making peace with enemies, for voyages towards destination, but delays on return. Bad for buying land, and for giving up medicine. If captured, unless he escapes in three days, he will die in prison. Likewise, if he has escaped something he fears, he will encounter it again.

From Picatrix, 11th Century: The seventh Mansion is Aldira, and it for the acquisition of all good [things]. When the Moon has come around to this Mansion, fashion a seal of silver, and sculpt the image of a man clothed in robes and with his hands extended to heaven after manner of a man who is praying and supplicating [the gods]; in the breast [of this image] write the name of the lord of this Mansion. Cense it with all things which have sweet odors, and say: You, Siely, cause such and such to happen, and fulfill my petition. Ask [of it] whatever you wish from among all the good things. Carry this seal with you, and you will receive all you ask for. And know that Selehe is the name of the lord of this Mansion.

From Agrippa, 16th Century: Aldimiach or Alarzach: arm of Gemini. 17°08’34″ Gemini. Brings money and friendship, profits lovers, disperses flies, destroys teaching authorities. To obtain every good thing. A man well clothed, holding his hands up to heaven as it were praying and supplicating.

From Robson, 20th Century: Al Dhira. alpha with beta Gemini (Castor and Pollux). (Mansion 5: 20CAN19′ in 2007, 20 Cancer to 7 Leo.). The Forearm. Favorable for gain and friendship and for lovers, and destroys magistracies. With Moon here, travel and take medicine.

From Stockinger, 21st Century: Mansion 7: al-Dira, The Fore-Arm of Gemini, 17* Gemini 8’ to 0* Cancer. Signification: Favourable for lovers, friendships, earnings and healing.  Unfavourable for law and justice. Make talismans to obtain good things.

From Warnock, 21st Century: Al Dhira reflects the influence of the Mercurial fixed star Castor. This mansion signifies success, particularly in business and trade. It is a mansion of abundance and wealth, indicating that our prayers for good things will be answered, and foretelling success in endeavors. The powerful influence of the Martial star Pollux suggest, however, that we likely must ask for assistance before receiving it. We may also be the subject of requests and petitions. Al Dhira advises that we pray only for positive results, resisting influences of envy or ill wishes toward anyone. If pleas are made to us, we best respond with open-hearted generosity. Humbling ourselves, we will receive beneficence. Confronted with humility, we should respond graciously. Keywords: glorification, supplication, invocation, gain.