dragonLunar Mansion 12

The Dragon

Ancient name: Al Sarfah (The Changer)
21°25’40″ Leo to 4°17’09″ Virgo

For self-improvement through conflict

Do: Challenge yourself. Take responsibility for your own actions. Be inspired by others to improve yourself.

Don’t: Disown your demons. Give in to envy and jealousy.

(Sun in Lunar Mansion 12 from: August 14 – August 26)

Lunar Mansions in History

From Al Biruni, 11th Century: Al sarfrah is a bright star at the tip of the tail of Leo, but according to the Arabs on the tail itself, (and is regarded by them and the astrologers as the scrotum.) Al-dafirah (Coma Berenices) is the group of small stars like the Pleiades forming the tuft of hair, hulbah, at the tip of the tail.

From Abenragel, 11th Century:
Indian Astrology- Good for starting all building, for arranging lands, sowing and planting, for marriage, for putting on new clothes, for women’s jewelry, for making a journey in the first third of day.
Dorotheos – Good to buy a slave, who will be good, loyal and honest, to start building, to give oneself to pleasures and jokes, to come before a king or famous man, to take medicines, to cut new clothes, to wash or cut hair. Not bad to marry a corrupted woman, and, if marrying a virgin, the marriage will last a while. A voyage undertaken will involve delay in return. If captured, he will be injured in prison, but captivity will end well.

From Picatrix, 11th Century: The twelfth Mansion is Azarfa, and it is for the separation of two lovers as you may wish. When the Moon has passed around to this Mansion, fashion in black lead the image of a dragon fighting with a man, and in front of this figure write the name of the lord of this Mansion. Cense the image with the hair of a lion mixed with asafoetida, and say: You, Abdizu, break apart and separate them, NN from NN. Bury this image in the place that you wish, and it shall be as you desire. And know that Abdizu is the name of the lord of this Mansion.

From Agrippa, 16th Century: Alzarpha. tail of Leo 21°25’40″ Leo. Prospers harvests and plantations, betters servants, captives and allies, but hinders sailors the separation of lovers. A dragon fighting with a man.

From Robson, 20th Century: Al Sarfah. beta Leo [Denebola]. (Mansion 10: 21 Vir 42′ in 2007. 22 Virgo to 27 Virgo) The Changer (of the weather). Gives prosperity to harvest and plantations, hinders seamen, good for the bettering of servants, captives and companions. With Moon here, travel, navigate, sow, plough, marry and send messengers.

From Stockinger, 21st Century: Mansion 12: al-Sarfa, The Lion’s Tail, 21* Leo 25’ to 4* Virgo 17’.  Signification: Favourable to send messages, and to agriculture in general. It brings elevation in the life of people who serve another one. Make talismans favourable to crops and to promote optimistic circumstances.

From Warnock, 21st Century: In Hindu philosophy, our primal energy, the Kundalini, is envisioned as a snake lying coiled at the base of the spine. Al Sarfah depicts conflict with a dragon, the archetypal serpent, and thus suggests that the true conflict, although it may manifest outwardly, is within ourselves. This Mansion gives heed that we are externalizing the problems and even evils that exist within us and projecting them onto the people and things in the outer world. Keywords: Strife, combat, separation, constriction, hindrance of movement, conflict.