BracletLunar Mansion 11

The Bracelet

Ancient Name: Al Zubrah (The Mane)
8°34’17″ Leo to 21°25’40″ Leo

For respect, prestige and charm

Do: Build foundations. Make investments. Seek a raise or promotion. Schedule important meetings. Travel.

Don’t: Engage in petty disputes or rumor-mongering. Fail to speak up for yourself.

(Sun in Lunar Mansion 11 from July 31 – August 13)

Lunar Mansions in History

From Al Biruni, 11th Century: Al-zubrah, the mane of the Arab lion, formed by two stars from the hind-quarters of Leo, distant more than a cubit. Also known as al-kharatan

From Abenragel, 11th Century:
Indian Astrology- Good for sowing and planting, for besieging. Indifferent for trade and journeys. Bad for freeing captives.
Dorotheos – Good for buildings and foundations, which will last, and for partnerships, from which associates will gain. Good for cutting hair. Bad for new clothes. If captured, at the command of a leader, and long imprisonment.

From Picatrix, 11th Century: The eleventh Mansion is Azobra, and it is for retaining respect and good [things]. When the Moon has passed into this Mansion, make in a table of gold the image of a man riding a lion, holding a lance in his right hand and holding the ear of the lion with his left [hand], and in front of this figure write the name of the lord of this Mansion. And say: You, Necol, bring glory to me that I shall be feared by men, and so that their fear shall cause them to tremble when they behold me; and quiet the heart of the king and of [his] lords and of [other] men of high estate that they may grant me honors and dignities. Carry this tablet with you, and it shall be as you have requested. And know that Necol is the name of the lord of this Mansion.

From Agrippa, 16th Century: Azobra or Ardaf: Leo’s mane 8°34’17″ Leo. Helps journeys and money from commerce, and redeeming captives fear, reverence and worship. A man riding a lion, holding the ear thereof in his left hand, and in his right, holding forth a bracelet of gold.

From Robson, 20th Century: Al Zubrah. delta [Zosma] with theta Leo [Coxa]. (Mansion 9: 11 Virgo 24′ in 2007. Virgo to 22 Virgo). The Mane. Good for voyages, gain by merchandise, redemption of captives. With Moon here, plant, marry but do not navigate.

From Stockinger, 21st Century: Mansion 11: al-Zubra, The Lion’s Mane, 8* Leo 34’ to 21* Leo 25’. Signification: Favourable for trade, wealth, marriage and travel. Unfavourable for health in women. Make talismans to increase trade and cast spells to enable prisoners to escape and to lay siege to fortresses.

From Warnock, 21st Century: This mansion signifies power, gain and respect. It indicates a positive answer to questions concerning profit and gain, particularly when seeking a position of authority, such as a boss or client. We are well advised to emulate not only the strength, but also the nobility of the lion This Mansion represents righteous assertion of authority, not mindless or petty aggression. Still, now is not the time to shrink from confrontation or hide in fear. Courage and boldness are called for and will carry the day.
Keywords: lordship, mastery, numinous charisma, reverence, awe, worship, prestige.