It's official. I wrote the Dictionary.

The Astrology Dictionary!

Featuring 175 Essential Words for the passionate 21st-Century Astrologer.

Astrology’s a beautiful language, but it’s easy to feel like you’re a stranger in a foreign land when you’re getting started. So I’ve written a handy little guidebook with all the most important terms – plus insights on how astrology can be used to empower you on your magical journey.

Pre-order the book before Oct. 1, 2019, and you’ll be eligible to receive three epic bonuses — including a chance to win a free consultation.

What if you could

go to Magic School?

Magic, Divination, Alchemy, Astrology – all those classes you wish you could have taken at Hogwarts, and a community to explore them with.

If that sounds like a dream come true, then good news! I’m founding my own school – Donna Philosophica’s School of Magic & Mastery.

All magical beings are welcome.


Donna Philosophica is both wise and intelligent… in a feminine, nurturing and compassionate sense. And totally spellbinding, from the short homilies to the wonderful Astrology and the Alchemical Myth essay. Donna Woodwell’s website definitely needs to be on your itinerary.

Richard Nolle, Astrologer

Donna Rocks!

When I saw my chart I felt a little overwhelmed since I couldn’t understand it, but she simplified it for me and it was a great reading.  She gave me a great understanding of my chart and answered my questions honestly.  Donna has passion for her profession and is delightful.  I will definitely recommend my friends to Donna.


Astrologer, Healer & Business Coach all in one

Thanks so much for my personal Prosperity Profile. I appreciate the input and you gave me quite a bit to think about. Your input about connecting spiritually and working my network is so right on. Wow – you covered a lot in a short call, and I appreciate it. Talking to you was like talking to an astrologer, a healer and a business coach all in one. Yea!


A Rare Combination

In addition to being a great astrologer Donna is also a great person. With this rare combination, she can lead everyone to self-realization as well as inner and external prosperity. Thank you!


Amazing Accuracy

I’ve found my sessions to be very useful. They have given me better insight to the things going on in my life. And I love going back and listening to the readings again. When I listen to one of my forecasts from the previous year, I am amazed by how accurate it has been.


Highly recommended

My girlfriend and I went to Donna for a one-hour reading of us individually and in relationship.  We both thought the experience was great and that Donna was dead on in what she saw in our charts.  There was so much great information that my brain was tired when we finished and then it was all a blur – good thing Donna sent over a recording of the session!  All in all, we loved it and can’t wait to get back to her for more.

-John D.

Donna is a bright light

Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. She is able to translate the complexity of astrology into an understandable language (for me as a beginner), without losing any depth and meaning. I love how she teaches and honors the ancient roots of astrology, and also emphasizes how astrology is still connected to our every day lives in practical ways. She is by no means a “light and fluffy” astrologer, she has the expertise, wisdom, and clarity to lay it all out there. And she does it with humor and kindness, and I felt from her a true desire to help me move onward. I absolutely love her style!

-Amanda K.

Absolutely Brilliant

My reading with Donna was profoundly inspiring and exciting. She shed new light on my chart in a reading that was spot on. As if this was not enough, it was algo great fun, a meeting that I definitely enjoyed from the beginning to the end. She is very warm, generous, inspiring and absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much!

– Maria S.

She is on the MONEY

Donna has become a friend and mentor to me over the years. She’s super brilliant and does a form of astrology that I’m not used to. I will be learning more with her in the next few months as part of her focus group. I’ve had one full reading and a PROSPERITY reading and SHE IS ON THE MONEY. I don’t know if you can still take advantage of her short, but in depth prosperity readings, but if you get the chance DO IT!

– Suzi R., Holistic Entrepreneur

Beyond the Borders of Time & Space

Donna stretches her projections beyond the borders of time and space. She takes what they call in the tribe an “eagle’s eye view” and such vision is tremendously powerful. It is because of the extensive scope you can benefit no matter who you are or where you might be on the planet.

-Eileen ‘ike’ West, Eco-feminist, Author & Earth-based Spiritualty Teacher

Very Enlightening

Donna’s sessions have been very enlightening. They have helped me to understand why I am the way I am, instead of asking myself ‘What is wrong with me?’ The annual forecasts have especially helped me to get through difficult times. Her advice to take my feelings of fear, anger and frustration and turn them into courage was immeasurably helpful.


Information Rich

A reading with Donna helped to validate what I was feeling in my life. I felt less crazy. Listening to the recording later on was also very useful – there was so much information in the sessions.


A Holistic Vision

Her reading was very confirming for me. I also learned a great deal that really helped with the process of trying to see myself more holistically through astrology. So cool! And I feel more confident about understanding my purpose or special contribution (potential) to the universe in this life. This is something that is becoming very important to me now and I feel that I have a much better idea of how I can consciously flow with the unfolding of it all.


Meditative & Meaningful

When we meditated on the planets and elements, I could ‘experience’ their energies and this helped me to remember the information taught later on. I liked the mix of both meditations and information; it made astrology more accessible and meaningful to me.


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You have a Genius. It’s your duty to cultivate it.

Everyone has a passion. A purpose. It’s hardwired into our very being. 

That divine spark is your personal Genius.

When you tap into your unique Genius, you know who you are and what you want. Then its just a matter of learning the skills you’ll need to make it happen.

If you feel like you could use a little cosmic boost to renew your enthusiasm for your path’s possibilities – a personal session with me may be exactly what you need.


The Language of Magic

Astrology. It comes from the Greek words Astron and Logos – the “cosmic logic, reason or meaning.”

Today we’d call it the “Soul’s Code” or “The Matrix.”

In any age, it’s an exploration of the fundamental pattern-that-connects.  

 If you want to practice magic, studying astrology is an essental ingrediant.

Don’t know where to start? I’ve got you covered!

Shamanic Astrology

Planets are the living heart of astrology, the “cosmic midwives” of our human experience.

In Shamanic astrology you’ll learn how to make friends with these powerful spiritual beings in order to add more magic and dimension to your worldview.

You can find healing. Companionship. Allies to improve your life.

No astrology charts required.

Astrology Chart Reading

Speaking is great – but reading unlocks new worlds that trascend time and space.

Same for “reading” an astrology chart — you’ll see cosmic patterns and purpose. Like a time machine, you can move between yesterday, today and tomorrow, unlocking meaning in every moment.

My step-by-step program will increase your astro-literacy in just a few months.

Then think of the places you’ll go!