For the June 2017 astrology forecast, what if I wrote:

Big picture: It’s a bit like boiling a frog slowly. The month begins quietly, but by the last week, some of the most fractious and challenging aspects of the year dominate the sky.

 But, thanks to Venus in Taurus for most of the month, your best chance for centering yourself (instead of living in fear of what might be) is to find pleasure in what you are doing right now. For in the end, this moment – this Now – is all we really have.

Could you actually do that? Or would your mind endlessly spin frightful tales of what-might-be?

If you’re being honest with yourself you already know: being present isn’t easy – it’s hard.

There are myriad distractions in the external world. But even more challenging, we are all constantly bombarded by our own inner sensations, thoughts, projections and memories.

Finding stillness within the cacophony is the hardest work you’ll ever do. But it’s also the MOST important. Because it’s the beginning of a life of wonder.

Every moment, even the hard ones (especially the hard ones), is a chance to be more aware.

“Awakened” is not some prize you claim in self-congratulations when you pass a finish line. It’s how you choose to experience every day. Every hour. Every breath.

(A hint: When you allow yourself to feel the deep pleasure flowing through each moment, mindfulness becomes something you cherish.)

June certainly brings plenty of opportunities to practice “waking up.” Here’s the week-by-week forecast.

Week 22: May 28-June 3

Tenacity in the face of obstacles is the message of June’s first quarter Moon in Virgo. Make your to-do list, and grind through the details. Pleasure goddess Venus harmonizes with self-restrained Saturn the same day; if you need a lift to keep moving forward, plan a “reward” for your if you manage to stay on task.

A few sweet surprises may be in store for the weekend, as Venus makes her annual conjunction with unpredictable Uranus. Keep your eyes, and your options, open.

Week 23: June 4-10

Energy shifts this week.  Mercury comes home to Gemini (June 6) and Venus returns to her abode in Taurus (June 6). Both are in an excellent position to deliver the goods, if you’re planet-savvy. Mercury’s eager to explore all the options; Venus wants to slow down and savor the good things in life. Find ways to honor both, and you’ve got the secret to a successful month.

Meanwhile, Mars wades into Cancer (June 6). Emotional, moody Cancer leaves Mars with surly, passive-aggressive edge (exacerbated by Mars sojourn out-of-bounds between May 14 and June 28). Remember, almost everyone is trying their best; give them the benefit of the doubt before you overreact.

Summer wanderlust is usually the hallmark the Sagittarius Full Moon (June 9), but not so this year. Luna is conjunct Saturn, and Sagittarius’ ruler Jupiter is stationing (i.e. not moving at all), suggesting you might be more in the mood for a “stay-cation.” Keep it simple, take some time to read a book, or do something around the house you’ve been putting off.

Week 24: June 11-17

Beware brain fog this week. Intellectual Mercury squares off with dreamy Neptune (June 13), while Neptune is slowing to retrograde (June 16). Neptune stations are notorious for fuzzy minds and confused conversations. Be careful on the road, and especially in the bars, on Friday night.

There’s a break in the clouds on Tuesday (June 13), as a grand air trine forms between Moon in Aquarius, Mercury and the Sun in Gemini, and Jupiter in Libra. It’s your best day of the week to sneak in some clear thinking. Plus, Mercury joins Mars out-of-bounds this week, making it a great moment for some innovative brainstorming. If you can manage to stay focused on the topic that is.

You may need to buckle down and catch up on your work on Thursday (June 15) during the annual Saturn opposition. It’s the Earth’s closest pass to self-disciplined Saturn, making him big, bright and looming.

Don’t expect much from Saturday morning (June 17); the last quarter Moon’s in Pisces, after which the Moon turns void for a few hour. Sleep in, so you’ll be well rested for the evening hours as the Moon in Aries fires.

Week 25: June 18-24

Summer solstice on June 20 heralds the beginning of summer in the Northern hemisphere. It also marks the moment of greatest light; from this day through Dec. 21 darkness deepens.

A complex Cancer New Moon (June 23) follows soon after, foreshadowing the tense alignments of the upcoming week. Wrap up the month’s business by this lunation, so you have a clean slate to work with.

Ending the week, sweet Venus embraces intense Pluto on Saturday (June 24), which may make for some deep conversations. But, as the potent-though-waxing New Moon meets feisty Mars, squares Jupiter and opposes Pluto, remind yourself that all-or-nothing thinking rarely helps satiate desires. Obsess less and enjoy more.

Week 26: June 25-July 1

A fractious T-square between Mercury and Mars in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Libra dominates June’s final week. Mercury moves through the T-square quickly between June 27-29; Mars takes his time between June 25-July 2. The climax may be the meeting of the Moon and Jupiter (July 1).

Power struggles, violence, and other nastiness are some of the most negative manifestations of Mars opposite Pluto. Mercury and Mars are also both still out-of-bounds, which just adds a tendency to irrationally over-react.

Seeking a silver lining, the week may bring the energy you need to spark you out of your lethargy. Jupiter in Libra provides a middle path, if you’re willing to respect others and actively seek the win-win scenarios.

Plus, the love goddess Venus still holds her ground in Taurus, lending Jupiter in Libra some very deep roots. If the week’s energies prove too intense, don’t hesitate to take a time out. Get out in nature, hug a tree, and get some perspective. Life does go on.



november 2016 astrology forecast


It’s time to bravely confront our fears and learn to manage uncertainty. If you can keep your mind focused on the positive that is.

Which do you want first? The good news or the bad?

The Bad News

Let’s get the hard stuff out of the way.  That way, you’ve got something to look forward to.

The month begins with a a heavy emphasis on watery Scorpio. The Sun enters Scorpio on Oct 22, Mercury on Oct. 24. The New Moon in Scorpio follows on Oct. 30.

Planets in Scorpio are usually a whiz at understanding the dark undercurrents of any situation. But what they’ve seen has been so intense, it may have left them feeling more paranoid than purged.

Scorpio’s certainly taken a walloping this year. It’s ruler, Mars, spent many months retrograde — some of it in Scorpio. And now that bellicose Mars has moved on, he’s landed in the original plutocrat’s living room; it’s got to make him wonder how his actions have gotten him in this situation.

And so once again, we’re dredging up the same sludge.

It’s all of our broken bits — the things we’re ashamed of or don’t want to see. So we push them off to the shadows. Assign them to others so we don’t have to own the issues ourselves.

As soon as you start blaming someone else, you’re no longer speaking with them. You’re trying to cope with the shadow bits of yourself. It creates an echo-chamber or microphone-feedback effect — where no one can hear each other, only the reverberations from one’s own fears.

Until the blame game stops, there’s no way out. Your best solution may be a time out, at least until you can own up to your own fears. Quiet time isn’t such a bad idea.

See? That wasn’t so bad, was it? Now let’s get to the good news.

The Good News

For the next few weeks until Nov. 8, Scorpio’s ruler Mars is in Capricorn, where he can be effective at doing his business. That means, he’s more likely than when he’s in other signs to take the high road. To recognize the need to slow down and take responsibility for his actions.

Yes, it may mean some tough clean-up work, but Mars has the fortitude to do it.

But there’s even better news. From Oct. 18 through Nov. 11, the “benefic” planets Venus and Jupiter are in what’s called a “mutual reception.” They are trading spaces, so to speak. Venus is in Jupiter’s sign Sagittarius, while Jupiter is in Venus’ sign Libra.

That’s going to make it easier for both of them to express themselves.  Venus wants to make peace, and Jupiter wants integrity and right-relationship with oneself. Together, they can hold hands and encourage “cooler heads to prevail.”

But that can’t happen if folks keep self deluding. You have to look in the reality mirror first, and learn to love what you see without flinching.

And the Winner Is…

Energies reshuffle mid November. In the days following the US Election Day, we see Mars moving into Aquarius on Nov. 8, Venus entering Capricorn on Nov. 11, Mercury entering Sagittarius on Nov. 12.

All in the run-up to the Taurus Full Moon in Nov. 14, and Neptune slowing to a crawl in preparation for turning direct on Nep. 19.

So, what does this mean for the non-astrologers? Well, don’t expect the election jitters to calm down immediately. With the extra emotional juice of the Full Moon, and the planet of illusion (and delusion) Neptune just lurking, there’s going to be a hold-your-breath-are-we-still-okay? feeling.

Hopefully the sigh of relief will come from the Venus, Jupiter and Saturn energetic triumvirate holding steady the following weeks. That means if our pragmatism and self-discipline (Saturn), our sense of forgiveness and fair-play (Jupiter) and our desire to “make love not war” (Venus), all coincide, we’ll find a way even through the darkest moments.

The Sun enters fiery Sagittarius on Nov. 21. No matter what’s happening, that usually brightens the mood. Or at least allows us to be distracted by something else.

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To indigenous cultures across the globe, the world was alive with Living Spirit. Everything had an animating force – places, objects, plants, animals, people and even ideas.

It was the shaman’s role to connect the tribe to the spirit realms, and thus maintain a healthy relationship between worlds. And they used various tools – psychic skills, working with dreams, creating art, drumming, chanting, and more – to cross between worlds.

But the central avatars of the divine realm were the seven visible planets. Called by the Corpus Hermetica the “seven governors of the world,” as the moving elements of the heavens, they were responsible for weaving the fabric of the material world into existence. In other words, they were the celestial midwives of the natural world.

Planetary Angels

Jacob’s Ladder. William Blake, 1799-1806.

The Greeks called the planets daimons – guiding Spirits.

With the coming of the institutional Christian Church, there was little room for animism and lesser spirits, only the One God. And so talk of daimons was – quite literally – demonized.

But Spirit always finds a way. And so, even in the darkest of ages, interest in angels blossomed.

The appellation angel derives from a Greek word meaning “messenger.” The Bible alludes to a vast heavenly host, chief among them the “seven angels who stand before god” (Revelation 8.2) or the “seven punishing angels.” (Ezekiel 9.2).

These Arch-angels, govern all of the heavenly host. In short, in iconography and religious practice, the archangels take the place of the seven planetary daimons. To the Christian mind, allying with angels was far safer than what Renaissance scholar Marsilio Ficino would later call “star demons.”

We have dozens of angel-planet catalogues penned between the 6th and 19th Centuries; not all agree on which archangel represents each planet. But there’s enough consistency in the tradition that the planetary spirits still shine through the angel’s wings.

In the subsequent posts, I’ll give you a quick sketch of the planetary angels. You’ll have to decide for yourself.

This, hover, is just the beginning of the journey. The links between astrology and angelology run deep. There were also lesser angels for other astrological sky-divisions – the 12 solar Zodiac signs, the 28 Lunar Mansions (the lunar Zodiac), the 4 triplicities (earth, air, fire and water), the 36 decans (10-degree divisions), and the 72 quiniaries (5-degree divisions).

Planetary Angels

God the Creator and Angels. Pietro Perugino, 1507-1508.

To the Medieval mystics, for any moment in time, they conceived of an ever shifting heavenly host teaming up to infuse the world with spirit, and lift matter transcend itself.

It’s a beautiful vision worth recovering.

In the end communing with the Planetary Angels is a mystical vision, one you must experience for yourself.

Astrology was designed to help you find the optimal times to connect to the planetary spirits. But, for the majority of our history, only the educated, affluent few had access to the tools needed to create astrological charts – maps of the sky.

Instead, they relied on the days of the week, each one named for one of the seven planets.

Or they used the planetary hours. Each day was subdivided into two halves – beginning at sunrise and sunset – of 12 hours each. Each hour was assigned a planet, cycling through all seven visible planets again and again. (The days were actually named after the first planetary hour of the day, the one begun as the Sun rose.)

If you would like to investigate the planetary hours further, you can easily find a table of planetary hours from the Internet.

And, of course, there’s an app for that; I have one on my iPhone called Hours, by Sirius Lab Ltd.

The Seven Planetary Angels

Michael, Archangel of the Sun

Gabriel, Archangel of the Moon

Camael, Archangel of Mars

Raphael, Archangel of Mercury

Zadkiel, Archangel of Jupiter

Hanael, Archangel of Venus

Cassiel, Archangel of Saturn

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Planetary Angels


Unlike other angels, Cassiel is depicted as detached from worldly affairs, more inclined to watch events unfold without interference. Medieval angelologists named Cassiel the Archangel of Saturn.

These angel-scribes knew Cassiel by many names — including Kaziel, Cafziel, Quaphziel, Qaspiel. The Qabalistic text Sefer Raziel, pseudo-Peter d’Abano’s 13th Century Heptameron, and the scholar Averroës all list Cassiel as Saturn’s angel, as do numerous later magical texts following in their tradition.

But assignations of Saturn’s angel are by no means universal. Perhaps that’s to be expected from the Archangel of Saturn. Saturn is the faintest of the visible planets; to the ancient astrologers, he separates the world of Nature from the mysterious world of Spirit.

And, for astrologers, Saturn finds his joy in the 12th house – the so-called “house of hidden things.” Cassiel’s been called the “angel of solitude and tears,” appropriate for one who sets himself apart from others.

The classical virtue associated with the planet Saturn is sophrosyne, a complex concept evoking temperance, moderation, prudence, and self-control. In mythology, Saturn ruled over a golden age where all were possessed of such self-discipline, there was no need for laws or punishment.

And so, calling Cassiel the “angel of temperance” essentially names him the Archangel of Saturn.

The astrological Saturn’s also wrapped up with the concept of time. As the slowest moving planet, Saturn has had to do with maturity and the aging process. The Greek’s name for the planet Saturn was Kronos, the father of the god Zeus (Jupiter). But their god of time, Chronos, has such a similar pronunciation to Kronos, it’s unsurprising the two were already being conflated by the Roman era.

Archangel of Saturn

King David in Prayer. Pieter de Grebber.

And hence, Cassiel became known as the “angel of time.” There’s also a deep, esoteric tradition associating time with the veil between worlds; it’s when we were entangled in Time, that Nature fell from Grace.

Cassiel also presides over the deaths of kings. The reference might be obscure, until you remember that it’s the Sun that represents kingship in astrology.

In the astrological metaphor, the Sun’s Zodiacal sign Leo governs the height of summer, when the norther hemisphere has the greatest light and heat. On the other hand, the Saturn-ruled signs Capricorn and Aquarius rule the darkest months of winter. The Winter Solstice marks the “death” of the Sun, or the death of kings.

But where there’s death, there’s always rebirth. And so celebrations of the Sun’s “rebirth” are often held just after midwinter, including the Christian celebration of Christmas.

When you need to step back from life’s emotional roller-coaster, or when you need self-discipline and focus to accomplish great things, invite Cassiel to come to your aid. The most auspicious time to connect with Cassiel is Saturday – Saturn’s day – or in the Saturn hour.

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Meet the Planetary Angels

Michael, Archangel of the Sun

Gabriel, Archangel of the Moon

Camael, Archangel of Mars

Raphael, Archangel of Mercury

Hanael, Archangel of Venus


Coming Soon! Donna talks about Planetary Angels live on Nov. 11 .

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Planetary Angels

Hanael, the angel of joy, pleasure, beauty and nature, is the perfect fit for the Archangel of Venus. Meaning “Joy of God” or “Grace of God,” the name Hanael likely stems from the Hebrew words hana’ah plus the suffix  –el. Other spellings of the name have included Haniel, Anael and Aniel.

In art and iconography, Hanael’s traditionally depicted dressed in dark, emerald green, and smiling or laughing. She appears more often in female form than in male. In various images, she carries a rose, a lantern, or a wand tipped with a pinecone, called a thyrsus. All of these symbols are deeply intertwined with the planet Venus.

After the Sun and Moon, Venus is by far the brightest object in the sky. So bright that she casts her own shadow, and can even be seen in the daytime, if you know exactly where to look. But, as a planet between Earth and the Sun, to observers on our planet, she never travels far from the Sun before she’s drawn back to its embrace. She is forever dancing between her guise as morning star and evening star.

archangel of venusTo the Hellenistic Greeks, who invented our familiar form of astrology, Venus was the ideal icon of love and beauty; she captivates us. In their baser form, these become physical pleasures or the desire to create beautiful works. But in its highest expression, they draw us to union with the Divine, just as Venus is always drawn back to reunite with the Sun.

And so as the Archangel of Venus, Hanael helps us find joy and pleasure in all circumstances, to create beauty in art or music, or harmony in relationships. And, it’s Hanael who reminds that while earthly love is a gift, it’s in divine love that we find our ultimate fulfillment.

Hanael’s rose is also an ancient symbol of Venus. In relation to Earth, Venus’ orbit traces out a five-pointed star every eight years. This beautiful astronomical effect has been called the Rose of Venus, a reference to the five-petalled flower, a favorite of the love goddess.

Hanael’s emerald green tunic evokes the alchemical color of Venus – green – and the fecundity of Nature. It’s Hanael’s gift to make fruitful what was once barren.

Archangel of VenusThe thyrsus carries a similar meaning. Carried by the followers Dionysus, the pinecone-topped wand conjures memes of fertility, pleasure, hedonism and renewal. But on a deeper level, it alludes to another mystery – the union of male and female energies activates the pineal gland, the so-called “third eye” that brings true spiritual vision.

And, we can’t forget Hanael’s lantern. One of Venus’ earliest epithets was “light bringer”; she lights our way back to the divine. In fact, in the Zohar, one of the foundational texts of the Qabala tradition, it was Haniel who was chosen to carry Enoch to heaven in the Merkabah to encounter God.

On the Qabalistic Tree of Life, Venus and Hanael are represented by the sphere Netzach – meaning “victory” or “eternity.” This Sephirot relates to divine immanence, the light of spirit infusing Nature and ordinary events, as well as our inner world of imagination, intuition and emotion.

When you crave the soothing balm of love and beauty in your life, or when you need to reconnect to the sweetness of the divine, seek Hanael’s aid and counsel. The most auspicious time to call upon her is Friday, Venus’ day, or in the hour of Venus.

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Camael, Archangel of Mars

Raphael, Archangel of Mercury

Zadkiel, Archangel of Jupiter

Cassiel, Archangel of Saturn


Coming Soon! Donna talks about Planetary Angels live on Nov. 11.

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Planetary Angels