Cosmic Cadence Forecast

february 2016 astrology forecast

February 2016 Astrology Forecast

Though it may be tough to see the big picture this February, focus on what you can do and trust the rest will work itself out. If you can stay in the present moment, you’ll discover the opportunities waiting along the way. Start Slow Until You Know Where You’re Going All t
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Upcoming Webinars & Workshops

Symbology 101

Saturday, April 16, 2016, 1-5 pm, $39 What do petroglyph, alphabets, sacred texts and corporate logos have in common? Deep multi-layered symbols designed to inform, illuminate and transform those with “eyes to see and ears to hear.
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Tarot for Beginners

2 Wednesday nights, April 6 & 13, 2016, 6:30-9 pm, $45 Take an expedition into the world of Tarot. In this class we’ll follow the Fool on his journey through the Major and Minor Arcana and reflect on how Tarot images manifest in our dai
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Astrology for Beginners

3 Wednesday nights, Feb. 10, 17, 24, 6-9 pm, $99 Astrology goes far deeper than “what’s your sign?” – it’s an ancient art which can help you discover your inner strengths and your soul’s calling. We’ll briefly explore the history of astrolo
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Introduction to Divination

Saturday, Feb. 6, 2016, 1-5 pm, $39 Can you find meaning in the position of planets, the movements of clouds, or the lines on your hand? Divination is the ancient practice of using psychological, intuitive or other hidden means to discover
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Donna Philosophica's Blog

Ancient Psyche-therapies for Modern Minds

(Written for Kepler College Blog, March 2015) If you believe psychology is a merely a modern invention of a narcissistic age, you haven’t been paying attention. While the “scientific” study of psychology in a laboratory may be a relatively modern notion, (re)invented by researchers in
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Planetary Angels

Sacrifice of Isaac

Zadkiel, Archangel of Jupiter

Zadkiel, the Archangel of Jupiter, is one you may not have heard of before. Unlike Michael or Gabriel, his images don’t often adorn the walls of art museums or stained glass windows. But among all the Planetary Angels, his name gives the most suggestive evidence that there’
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5 Ways Astrology Makes Your Life Better

ways astrology makes your life better

1. Know Thyself

Ancient wisdom teaches that the moment of your birth is imprinted with your soul’s code. It is a map of your character strengths and talents that you need to express to live a happy and fulfilled life. An astrology chart is the ancient’s version of positive psychology used to help you find and follow your own bliss.
how astrology makes life better

2. Cultivate Serenity

Sometimes difficulty feels never ending. Astrology can validate your experience, as well as tell you when there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. The ancient Stoics used astrology as a Serenity prayer — to accept the things you can’t change, courage to change what you can, and the wisdom to know the difference.
how astrology makes life better

3. Tell Your Story

Astrology is a tool for narrating your own story. Archetypal characters and plots move through our lives at different times. Understanding this “language of the soul” can help you find the words to tell your own story in a profoundly meaningful way. This personal storytelling is a key factor in living a deeply fulfilling life.
how astrology makes life better

4. Experience Flow

Nature is made of cycles of growth and release. Astrology illuminates these cycles at all levels of your life. Working in harmony with these natural rhythms, you can choose the best times for action or inaction to achieve greater success in all your endeavors. Astrology helps you experience this cosmic Flow.


  • Thanks so much for my personal Prosperity Profile. I appreciate the input and you gave me quite a bit to think about. Your input about connecting spiritually and working my network is so right on. Wow - you covered a lot in a short call, and I appreciate it. Talking to you was like talking to an astrologer, a healer and a business coach all in one. Yea!
  • In addition to being a great astrologer Donna is also a great person. With this rare combination, she can lead everyone to self-realization as well as inner and external prosperity. Thank you!
  • Wow! Thank you for the insight into paths that will lead me to natural prosperity! Everything that you said resonated with what has been feeling like my 'true' path. Most inportantly, you shared 'me' with me by using a perfect blend of astrology, but combined so that your interpretation meant something real, rather than technical information. I look forward to my next session with you as you coach me to achieve prosperity.
  • Donna stretches her projections beyond the borders of time and space. She takes what they call in the tribe an “eagle’s eye view” and such vision is tremendously powerful. It is because of the extensive scope you can benefit no matter who you are or where you might be on the planet.
    Eileen 'ike' West, Author & EcoFeminist
  • Donna's sessions have been very enlightening. They have helped me to understand why I am the way I am, instead of asking myself ‘What is wrong with me?’ The annual forecasts have especially helped me to get through difficult times. Her advice to take my feelings of fear, anger and frustration and turn them into courage was immeasurably helpful.
    S.J., Entrepreneur
  • A reading with Donna helped to validate what I was feeling in my life. I felt less crazy. Listening to the recording later on was also very useful – there was so much information in the sessions.
    J.W., Acupuncturist
  • Her reading was very confirming for me. I also learned a great deal that really helped with the process of trying to see myself more holistically through astrology. So cool! And I feel more confident about understanding my purpose or special contribution (potential) to the universe in this life. This is something that is becoming very important to me now and I feel that I have a much better idea of how I can consciously flow with the unfolding of it all.
    L.C., Marketing Consultant
  • Donna Philosophica is both wise and intelligent… in a feminine, nurturing and compassionate sense. And totally spellbinding, from the short homilies to the wonderful Astrology and the Alchemical Myth essay. Donna Woodwell's website definitely needs to be on your itinerary.
    Richard Nolle, Astrologer
  • I've found my sessions to be very useful. They have given me better insight to the things going on in my life. And I love going back and listening to the readings again. When I listen to one of my forecasts from the previous year, I am amazed by how accurate it has been.
    J.G., Healer & Musician
  • When we meditated on the planets and elements, I could ‘experience’ their energies and this helped me to remember the information taught later on. I liked the mix of both meditations and information; it made astrology more accessible and meaningful to me.
    J.S., Software Designer

Emmy-winning journalist and former CNN host Art Harris interviews astrologers Donna Woodwell and Lesley Francis about astrology’s practical value in for every day living.

Follow Your Bliss

Life is complicated enough. Why not work with the flow of cosmic energy to make the most of your time and talents? Astrology can help you become a wise gardener of your own Soul. Find out for yourself.